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The Brandeis Building

This is the Brandeis Building, which runs along the south side of Douglas between 16th and 17th Streets. This picture dates to somewhere between 1906 (the year that the building was constructed) and 1921 (the year that two stories were added to the building, for a total of ten). Prior to 1921 the Brandeis store occupied only the basement and first three floors of the building, the upper floors being occupied by various offices. After 1921 the entire building was occupied by the Brandeis store.

This is the Pompeian Room of the Brandeis Store:

Pompeian Room
"The Pompeian Room is so unusual that it has excited favorable comment from every traveler through Omaha who has visited the store. A lofty ceiling gives here an appearance of height that is truly commanding. In this room light luncheon is served and candies and refreshments may be obtained." (Koethen, 1916)

This is the Silk and Dress Goods Department of the Brandeis Store:

Silk and Dress Goods Dept.

Text written by Jason Kaspar, Summer 2003

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