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Edward A Cudahy Residence

Homes built in the early 20th Century proclaimed the wealth and stature of their owners. Residences were designed to encourage this attitude and “so shape it that the resulting effects will be things of beauty and joys forever and thus add to the fair reputation of our beloved city” (The Omahan, June 1900, p. 3). Edward A. Cudahy’s home echoed this sentiment. The home was built on the southwest corner of 37th and Dewey Avenue in 1897. Mr. Cudahy arrived in Omaha in 1887 to assume the position of vice president and general manager of the Armour-Cudahy Packing Co. a leading meat packing firm. As of 1906, the four complete packing plants had an estimated net worth of $7 million with ties to many foreign nations. Mr. Cudahy became one of the most wealthy and influential businessmen of the West and his home reflected that. The home was razed in 1964 and replaced with an apartment building.

Text written by Lynn Sullivan, October 2003

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