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Storz Brewery

This is a picture of the Storz Brewing Company on 1807 North 16th Street. The Storz Brewery was established by Gottlieb Storz in 1876 and was owned by the Storz family until 1966, when it was sold to an Iowa investment company. The brewery ceased operation in 1972.

Here is a description of the building from Omaha: A Guide to the City and Environs:

"Substantially constructed of brick, stone and cement, this building has a frontage of 200 feet and a portion of it rises six stories. The approximate cost was $500,000, and the capacity of the plant, 150,000 barrels annually. Many improvements have been made; new equipment has been installed, and an ice plant. Cold storage department, bottling shop, machine shop and a restaurant have been added, but the original building, with its parapet so suggestive of the battlement of a medieval castle, still dominates the whole."

By the way, during Prohibition the Storz Brewery manufactured ice and non-alcoholic beverages, with "near beer" as its best-selling product.

Text written by Jason Kaspar, Summer 2003

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