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Wm. Marsh buggy & U. P. Railroad bridge

Capt. W. W. Marsh seated in the buggy surveys the progress of railroad construction. The coming of the railroad and the location of the railroad bridge meant prosperity for Omaha and its entrepreneurs, including Marsh. This view looks from the Omaha bank across the Missouri River at Council Bluffs. The railroad bridge construction is going strong from both sides of the river. In the background the trestle and fill are nearly done to the rivers edge on the Council Bluffs side, while far left two iron piers have been completed on the Omaha side. Pile drivers are at work as are the efforts of sinking the hollow iron piers that would eventually support the bridge. The edge of one of the ferry boats in just visible in the lower right corner. This suggests there was a harbor of sorts for the boats. These would have been at the location shown in photo #3.

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