August 27, 1898.

Bohemian Day was celebrated by a parade on the Exposition Grounds along the
West Midway to Twentieth Street and thence to the Administration Arch, and
thence through the Grand Court to the Auditorium.  The exercises in the
Auditorium were interesting and consisted of an address of welcome by Manager
Rosewater of the Exposition.  In his address he spoke feelingly of the changes
that had taken place since he came to Omaha as a boy.  He expressed great pride
at the celebration of the day and declared he was never prouder in his life
than to see the magnificent audience present.

Music     .    .    .    By the Bohemian Chorus
By Prof. B. Sinek, of the Iowa State University
By Mrs. Joseph Humpal-Zeman of Chicago, Editress of 
the Bohemian Journal.
Music     .    .    .    By the Bohemian Chorus
By Hon. Cenek Duras, of Wilbur, Nebraska.

One of the most interesting features of the celebration was the drills of the
Bohemian Turner Societies on the Grand Plaza in the afternoon.  The societies
participating were those of Omaha, St. Louis and Cedar Rapids.  These drills
were witnessed with much interest by thousands of visitors.

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