All the disbursements of monies of the Exposition, was upon the order and
direction of the Executive Committee.  A regular approved form of disbursement
voucher was used, showing the authority of the Executive Committee, checked and
signed by the Auditor, certified as being correct by the Secretary and approved
for payment by the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.  They were then
ready to present to the treasurer of the Exposition, and when properly
receipted became a sight draft upon the Treasurer, payable on being presented
at the First National Bank of Omaha.

Pay rolls, incidental and minor expenses were paid by Secretary's check upon a
special account, which were in turn protected by the regular disbursement
voucher when issued in due course.

In disbursing the funds of the Exposition upwards of 29,000 secretary's checks
and 5,000 disbursement vouchers were issued.

In the receipt of Exposition monies, amounting to nearly $2,000,000.00 it is
worthy of note that but $4.52 of counterfeit, spurious, defaced or defective
coin was found, and no counterfeit, or bad notes were sent back to the
secretary, and all of the monies of the Exposition was deposited in bank, thus
passing the careful scrutiny of the Bank's teller, splendid detectors of bad
notes or spurious coin.

The books and accounts of the Exposition being kept in this department,
statements are submitted showing general ledger balances at closing, debit and
credit.  Also statements showing total receipts of the Exposition from all
sources, the disbursement of said receipts both by departments and by
requisition, and a summary of treasurer's statement showing all funds
disbursed, is herewith given.


October 1st, 1902

Distribution of assets (90 per cent)              $292,482.00
Subscriptions unpaid                                77,547.50
Bills Receivable, scrip of State of Washington         851.85
Expense prior to December 1st, 1896                  3,898.36
General Expense                                     56,694.18
Ways and Means Department                          138,691.62
Publicity and Promotion Department                  97,784.92
Exhibits Department                                100,126.40
Concessions and Privileges Department               52,745.25
Transportation Department                            6,575.94
Buildings and Grounds Department                 1,104,265.74
Interest and Discount                                3,634.26
War Balloons (Balance of freight charges advan.)     2,537.94
Indian Congress (Cash advance)                       4,597.62

Capital stock (Stock subscriptions)             $  422,745.00 
Donations (Donation subscriptions)                 141,670.20
Exhibits (Receipts)                                200,110.48
Concessions and privileges                         286,146.68
Buildings and Grounds (Receipts)                    38,128.22
Admissions (Receipts)                              801,515.47
Music (Receipts)                                     3,520.85
Publicity and Promotion (Receipts)                     525.33
Water (Receipts)                                     2,879.22
Souvenir coin medals (Receipts)                      5,963.00
Power and light (Receipts)                          28,550.96
Indian Congress (Receipts)                             159.05
Salvage (Sales of Buildings and appurtenances)      21,519.12 


Total receipts reported to June 26th, 1899           $1,972,194.40
Received from Bond Guarantee Acct.
Collected in                       $3,800.00
Received from Frank Murphy Trustee       1,265.00
Received on Acct. Exhibits Dept.            79.20
Total Receipts since June 26th 1899                  5,144.20


Distribution of assets (90 per cent)                $  293,884.50
Ways and Means Department                              138.949.57
Publicity and Promotion Department                      97,784.92
Exhibits Department                                    100,161.40
Concessions and Privileges Department                    52,846.96
Buildings and Grounds Department                      1,103,542.01
Transportation Department                                 6,575.94
Interest and Discount                                     3,634.26
General Expenses                                         56,610.06
Girls' and boys' building                                 9,438.35
Refunds                                                   4,671.04
Indian Exhibit (cash advances)                            4,597.62
Union Stock Yards (Special premiums)                        875.00
War Balloons (freight charges paid)                       3,126.46
Bond Guarantee account                                   36,800.00


Capital stock (90 per cent)                         $  293,884.50
Salaries and wages                                     356,831.75
Freight and express                                     19,634.19
Advertising                                             16,303.16
Printing and stationery                                 37,623.88
Photographing                                            4,844.60
Commissions paid                                        11,816.80
Souvenir medals                                          3,027.63
Furniture and miscellaneous                              4,031.83
Telegraph and telephone                                  4,213.60
Interest and discount                                    3,637.56
Amusements                                              65,444.27
Insurance                                               16,104.43
Traveling, messenger and livery                         30,134.66
Pictures and painting                                   22,957.03
Postage and revenue stamps                              11,593.68
Taxes and license                                       17,273.69
Steam and electricity                                   76,842.34
Miscellaneous                                          125,357.49
Utensils                                                10,599.82
Grounds                                                111,994.55
Buildings                                              598,450.46
Sewers                                                   3,690.54
Water                                                   40,220,14
Awards                                                  26,985.49

Expenses prior to December 1st, 1896                     3,898.36
General fund warrants redeemed                          35,488.17
Bills payable redeemed                                  23,602.22
Bills receivable on hand                                   851.80
Total disbursements since June 26th 1899,  $6,975.71


Mr. Herman Kountz,

From the detailed report of the treasurer, the following summary is taken:

June 26th, 1899, balance on hand                  $1,831.51
Deposits since June 26th, 1899                     5,144.20
Vouchers paid since June 26th, 1899                6,975.71
Balance on hand, October 1st, 1902, none.

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