September 9, 1898.

The members of the Nebraska Lumbermen's Association furnished entertainment for
the thousands who witnessed the log-rolling contest in the afternoon at the
mirror of the lagoon, for a purse of $250.  Delegates were present from Kansas
City, Denver, Minneapolis and numerous cities in Iowa and Nebraska.  A meeting
of the Association was held at the Minneapolis Building at 2 o'clock P.M. after
which the log-rolling contest took place.  The first prize was won by T.H.
Fleming of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

This day had also been set aside for the celebration of the societies of the
Woodmen of the World.  Their exercises were held in the Auditorium at 2 o'clock
P.M. and consisted of the following program:

Address of Welcome
Mayor Frank E. Moores
Music     .    .    .    By Male Quartette
Address   .    .    .    C.C. Farmer, of Mt. Carroll, Illinois
Music     .    .    Omaha Concert Band

After the exercises a competitive drill of two teams from the Alpha Camp #1 and
the Columbus Camp #69 was held on the Plaza for a cash prize of $75.00 and was
won by the Alpha Camp.

While the lumbermen and the Woodmen of the World were celebrating thousands of
Rock Ford, Colorado, melons were distributed free at the Horticulture building,
and with all these sources of special entertainment this was one of the banner
days of the Exposition.

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