In accordance with the requirements of a resolution adopted by the Board
of Directors of the Trans-Mississippi & International Exposition at a meeting
held on June 30th, 1902, the General Secretary of the Corporation has compiled
"a statement of the affairs of the Exposition, including a recital of the
Inception, organization operation, management and results of the Exposition." 
Which statement has been submitted by him to the Revision Committee consisting
of Charles F. Manderson, Isaac W. Carpenter, Charles W. Lyman, Carroll S.
Montgomery and Edward Rosewater, and which statement has been revised and
approved by them.  The Certificate of said Revision and approval follows: this

     In considering the plan of the preparation of this statement it was
finally deemed wisest to prepare same under the following divisions, devoting a
chapter to each division, and thus endeavoring to make the statement as nearly
consecutive as possible.  The said divisions are as follows: 

          I.    Origin
          II.   Organization
          III.  Exploitation
                     This chapter is devoted to the actions and efforts
                     in exploiting the enterprise under the government
                     and direction of the first Board of Directors,
                     covering the period from June 18, 1896 
                     to December 1st, 1896.
          IV.   Reorganization.
                     This chapter covers the story of the reorganization
                     of the enterprise, broadening its work and increasing
                     the Board of Directors in relation to the same.
          V.    Locating the Exposition.
                     A statement of the efforts in this cause and the
                     action of the Directors in relation to the same.
          VI.   General Operation of the Exposition, Under the Board
                of Directors.
                     Covering a period from December 16th 1896 to June 30th,
                     1902 and relating the actions of said Board to special
                     or particular interest other than those necessarily
                     referred to in other parts of this work and being 
                     intricately and inseparably connected with such parts.
          VII.  Department of Ways & Means
          VIII. Department of Publicity & Promotion
          IX.   Department of Buildings
          X.    Department of Exhibits
          XI.   Department of Concessions & Privileges
          XII.  Department of Transportation
          XIII. Mr. President.
                     Covering statement of the Special features of the
                     Exposition operation, including events in connection
                     with the Special Days, Special Events Ladies
                     Bureau of Entertainment, etc.
          XIV.  Legal Affairs of the Exposition.
          XV.   U.S. Government.
          			Its Representation in buildings and Exhibits at
                     the Exposition.
          XVII. Indian Congress, Exhibit U.S. Government.
          XVII. A General Review of the Exposition. Project.
                     Designed to be, was it were, a bird's eye view of
                     it operation from its beginning to its end.
          XVIII. Conclusion.  

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