The state buildings on the grounds having been dedicated, it was now decided to
inaugurate numerous special celebrations for states, cities and national
events.  All of these special days proved more or less attractive and no doubt
did much to swell the general attendance of the Exposition.  Special promotion
agents had extended the invitation of the president of the exposition to
numerous of the larger Transmississippi cities to designate special days which
would be set aside by the exposition management for these cities.  The first
celebration in acceptance of this invitation was


August 6, 1898.

The officials and citizens of Kansas City came in goodly numbers to celebrate
that day.  President Wattles and Mayor Frank E. Moores welcomed the visitors as
they gathered in the Auditorium at 11 o'clock A.M. for the ceremonies which had
been arranged for the occasion.  Mayor Moores, in his usual felicitous manner,
extended to the visitors the freedom of the city, and presented Acting Mayor
A.D. Burrows with huge golden keys which he explained would admit the visitors
to all the pleasures of our city.  Acting Mayor Burrows responded and spoke in
the highest terms of their admiration for the Transmississippi and
International Exposition which he declared was far beyond their most sanguine

Ex-Governor Crittenden of Missouri, responded in behalf of the state and after
music by the band, president Wattles formally addressed the visitors.  This
concluded the speech-making, after which the distinguished visitors were
escorted to the city by Mayor Moores and the city officials and tendered a
banquet at the Millard Hotel.

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