June 24, 1898.

For the celebration of Swedish-American Day was planned a great meeting in the
Auditorium in the evening.  A song festival of music by famous Swedish voices
in their native tongue.  During the day preceding the evening which had been
set aside for this celebration, the grounds and buildings were noticeably
filled with men and women who had gathered from Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas and
Nebraska, to take part in this celebration.  The formal program was given in
the Auditorium, at 8 o'clock P.M.  The exercises were opened by President C.O.
Lobeck, who introduced President Gurdon W. Wattles, who in a few remarks
welcomed the visitors to the White City.  An address in the Swedish language
was made by Rev. A.J. Lofgren, of Lincoln, presiding elder of the
Swedish-American Church, after which the musical program was rendered, as

David's 150th Psalm .    .    .    By the Chorus, led by 
Professer Adolph Edgren.
Soprano Solo   .    .    .    .    By Miss Emma Moeller of Omaha
Hear Us, Svea  .    .    .    .    By a Male Chorus.
Baritone Solo  .    .    .    .    By Rev. J.A. Hultman, who
also sang for an encore, "Jerusalem".
His singing was received with great applause
Original Poem  .    .    .    .    By Dr. J.A. Enander, of Chicago
The Singers March   .    .    .    By the Jubilee Chorus.
Oration   .    .    .    .    .    By Rev. Carl Swensson of
Bethan College of Lindsboro, Kansas.
Jubilee Cantata     .    .    .    By Adolph Edgren,
introducing solos, duets, and mixed choruses

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